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Cataract Surgery Miami

The clarity and comfort of cataract surgery at Miami Eye Center.
Cataracts can develop as a result of aging or other medical symptoms, such as diabetes. Although debilitating to your eyesight, Dr. Selem uses the most advanced surgical techniques to easily remove your clouded lense and replace it with a healthy, clear lense. Cataract surgery at Miami Eye Center utilizes a variety of lense options depending on your needs, including Multifocal IOL and Toric IOL lenses. Dr. Selem can discuss your individual needs and the type of lense that will best benefit your eyesight during a personal consultation. At Miami Eye Center, we offer traditional cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery. Learn more about cataract surgery in Miami, and how Dr. Selem can restore the clarity to your vision today!

Glaucoma Miami

A vision of the future with treatment of glaucoma at Miami Eye Center.
Glaucoma becomes a serious medical issue because many people don’t even notice symptoms until permanent vision loss has already occurred. Although small blind spots, blurred vision, and headaches are all common symptoms of glaucoma, yearly eye appointments may detect a sudden increase in IOP that can prevent permanent optic nerve damage. Dr. Joseph Selem can diagnose glaucoma at Miami Eye Center and treat all types of this condition, including angle-closure and open-angle glaucoma, with either medication, surgery, or a combination of both depending on your individual needs. Learn how glaucoma treatment at Miami Eye Center can enhance your vision for the future!

Blepharoplasty Miami

Wink at passing years with blepharoplasty in Miami.
Sagging upper eyelids and large, puffy under eye bags are not only unattractive, but they may also inhibit the range of your visual field. This condition is common as people age, and is medically referred to as Dermatochalasis. Dr. Joseph Selem performs blepharoplasty in Miami to eliminate the drooping skin and puffy bag confining your vision. A formal visual field test can be performed during a personal consultation to determine the severity of your Dermatochalasis and whether blepharoplasty is medically necessary. Speak with Dr. Selem today about blepharoplasty at Miami Eye Center, and discover if eyelid surgery is your best option for both looking and seeing younger!

Eyelid Surgery Miami

Eyelid Surgery in Miami defines the shape of health and beauty.
Miami Eye Center ophthalmologist and eyelid surgeon, Dr. Joseph Selem is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. In addition to surgery of the eyes and eyelids, Dr. Selem is a skilled plastic surgeon, making him uniquely qualified and skilled at treating the eyes. While cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome are often thought to be common causes of vision impairment, conditions such as dropping eyelids and turned in eyelids can also affect vision. We offer both medical and cosmetic eye surgery, including glaucoma surgery, cataract treatments, eyelid skin cancer treatment, and blepharoplasty. Learn more about Dr. Selem and eye surgery in Miami today.